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About Dr. Layne Linebaugh

Layne Linebaugh, D.C. is a holistic Chiropractor, Recovery Coach, Certified Restorative Yoga teacher, and the author of“ I’m Sober, Why Is Life Still Hard? Keys to Your Unique Journey.” She has a “boutique” style in-person practice, where she integrates the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of being human, while gently aligning the physical body. She guides group Restorative Yoga and Journaling classes with creative themes, meditation, personalized non-force adjustments, and essential oil support. She specializes in bringing the whole human out of trauma physiology to harmony, inner knowing, and self-awareness. She is the founder of the online program, Finding Freedom and Flow, where she supports people struggling with addictions and eating disorders to find recovery beyond the traditional methods.

Conveniently Located At 770 Topaz Drive Reno, NV 89502

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